Friday, August 20, 2010

Post 3 Misc.

So the miscellaneous thoughts in my head and pictures go in this post.

We signed Brightyn up for soccer through the city and he starts the beginning of September. I am so excited for him to start. During high school I was around soccer a lot and LOVED it. Now I am glad that my baby is now old enough to start playing sports. We also signed both Brightyn and Hayden up for soccer classes through preschool. So they will be having classes once a week from 9/5- 11/9. WAY EXCITED!!!!

About school. All of the kids are doing really well. I LOVE this new daycare that they're going to. Even for McKinlee that is 20 months she is learning a ton. Within the first week Bright learned to write his name and add. Its crazy how much Hayden is picking up on by being around the other kids (including the attitude!!!!). I am so happy that we've found another good place. I was really worried with Jaxson with being so little but they just love on him.

I've made a lot of peach stuff with the whole bushel that we picked. I've done 11 cans of peaches, 6 cans of jam, and 4 cans of peach pie filling.

One day I woke up to the kids looking like this.......

That was right before school!!! No need to say that we were very late that day to school and work!!

Last weekend we have my Bright family reunion. The kids had fun even though it was freaking HOT as heck out here!!! Then we went over to my mom's to have a cook out with my sister and her husband, and my step brother and his wife and family. Also with my step dad's mom. I absolutely love her. She's to sweet. Then we went back to my dad and his girlfriends hotel and took the kids swimming. They had a lot of fun and of course made friends with the other little kids there. Brightyn and Kinlee like the hot tub more than the pool.

Then this was Sunday before church. They were all in really good moods so we took their pictures since they were so cute.

Jaxson is now almost 3 months and is almost sleeping through the night!! Its WONDERFUL!!!!!
I will post more after Ryan's party on Sunday. With all his goodies!!!
Until then Tiffini Signing off!!!!


So far in August we've gone peach picking with the two older boys while my mom watched the two little ones. I really wanted to enjoy the experience with just the big boys so I am so thankful to my mom that watched the little ones. While we were there Hayden constantly had a peach in my mouth and another in his hands. I don't need to tell you how the next few days went lol..... After we peach picked with the ward we all went to Ye Old Mill. Which is were they make Velvet Ice Cream. The boys enjoyed playing with their friends and eating the ice cream.

Then we've had my birthday. And I was really spoiled this year which I LOVED!!!! I really wanted a new digital camera so I could just snap some pictures anytime of the kids without getting out Ryan's high tech camera and yep I got one. I also wanted a new wedding ring because I'm to fat and my other one won't fit... Yep I got one. I also found a pair of puma shoes I really wanted on my way down to Kings Island for a girls weekend. I passed them up on the way down and stopped on the way back and it was closed. So I was really heart broken. They were $90 shoes for $25 couldn't pass it up... Well Ryan drove down 2 hours away and got them for me.

You can see my new ring there. Those are the only pictures from my birthday lol.

We're getting ready to celebrate Ryan's birthday this weekend since next weekend (the weekend before his real birthday) is when I'm getting my tubes tied so I will be down and out for the weekend and no fun to be around.

Lots of Posts so here we go.....1 post of many!!!


We went to the zoo with my sister and her husband over 4th of July weekend. My mom was out of town so she didn't get to join in on the fun. But we had a blast!!! That weekend was also filled with our new swimming pool (which I lived in while I was home over the summer), lots of hamburgers, parades, and fireworks.

Brightyn's birthday was July 24th. It was such a wonderful day. We went to take him to get his pictures taken the day before his birthday just him, Ryan, and myself. It is a new thing that we're starting that I stole from Shantai (Thanks Tai for the idea). I left those at work today so I will get those scanned and on here asap. Then we had some family and friends come over to share in the fun. He made out like a packed rat. Bright ended up getting a leapster and a game, Bowling, golf set, 2 movies, a booster seat, play-doh, some swimmer penguins for the pool and a lot more.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jaxson Ryan Mills

So on May 27th at 2:08 pm we had Jaxson Ryan Mills. He weighed in at 7 lbs 6 oz and 19 inches. Which is the biggest baby I've had. I was induced at 8 am. I pushed for 7 minutes and he was perfect from the time he came out. He is such an amazing baby!!! He looks nothing like the other 3 and looks everything like me when I was a baby. He loves to eat, sleep, poop, and snuggle with his mommy. The kids love him and always want to help out. These are pictures from the hospital. I haven't had a second of rest to take any pictures since we got home. I'm having a hard time adjusting to having 4 kids but slowly getting better. In Jaxson's first weeks we've had a lot of fun.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thursday is the day!!!

I finally am going to be completely done with having babies on Thursday. I get induced Thursday at 6 am. I am super super scared because I've never been induced but I'm super super super excited!!!!
Here are some cute pictures of the kiddos.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

38 Weeks

Today I am 38 weeks and 1 day. I went to the doctors and I am 3 cm dilated and 70% effaced. She doesn't think I'll make it through the weekend which is nice because there is light at the end of the tunnel. If I don't go on my own I am scheduled to be induced the 26th at 6:00am.

Friday, May 7, 2010

36 Weeks

So went to the doctors today. I am 2 cm dilated and still 50% effaced. So I've gained a cm so that is a plus. Baby from his ultrasound is weighing in at almost 5 pounds. So he's pretty tiny but that is to be expected since all three of the other kids have been really small as well. I've also lost 4 pounds this week from just not having an appetite which my doctor was not happy about but I am :-) She told me that if I went into labor she won't stop me which is good because she thinks it will be anytime.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

35 Weeks

So I went to the doctors yesterday. Good and bad news......
Good news Jackson is doing good. They think he's going to be big because I am measuring 37 weeks. I am 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced!!! YEAH!!!!!! I have an ultrasound next week to find out how big he really is. Other good news.... I've only gained 5 pounds this whole pregnancy!!!!! I am so proud of myself!!!!

Bad news....
I have been having white blood cells in my urine for the past month and half. They keep checking for infection but there isn't any. Well I've been having really bad pains in the side of my stomach for about 3 months out of no where. So I finally asked the nurse practitioner about them since it has started to happen more frequently. She asked me some questions and then went to talk to a dr since mine is out of town. They think there is something really wrong with my kidneys or liver. They took some blood to run some work and said that they would give me a call when the results come in. If everything comes back good with my blood work the only other thing they can think would be wrong is that my abdomen is detaching from the wall. Which again isn't that great. I just hope that after this pregnancy whatever is wrong goes away on its own..... Just keep me in your prayers please. I always getting really worried the last couple of weeks.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


So we've had a lot of fun lately playing out in the wonderful warm weather. It has been in the 80's here and it has been GREAT!!!! Its been a little bit since I've updated on how everything is going in the Mills house. I'm now 33 weeks pregnant. I have an ultrasound in 3 weeks to see how big this little guy is because I'm measuring 37 weeks so she is interested in seeing how big he really is. I've always had small babies so I'm just hoping Jackson follows suit.

Brightyn is almost 4 now and is a booger. He asks me on a daily basis if Jackson can come out today and not let him come out while he's at school (what he calls the babysitters house). Brightyn gave his first talk in Primary last Sunday and I cried my eyes out. I was so proud of him and I can't believe he's old enough already to be giving talks in church.

Hayden is now 2 1/2 and is almost fully potty trained after a week. It has been WONDERFUL!!! He is learning everything so fast now and is coming out of his shy shell. He loves to talk to the "ladies" as he calls them. He is our little love bug and I think will always be. He is a VERY independent kid when it comes to his thinking and how things should be. I think he gets that from his dad..... okay maybe me too.

McKinlee is now 17 months. She is transitioning to Nursery at church and could care less if I'm in there or not. She is so freaking cute and she knows it! She flirts with any guy no matter of how old he is as long as he's older than her.... GO FIGURE!!! She does not know what a stranger is because she talks to everyone. We already have our hands full with this little drama queen. Kinlee has her daddy and grandpa wrapped around her pretty little painted fingers!

Enjoy the pictures :-)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Baby Jackson 3D

I had so much fun today seeing my little baby boy. He loves his hands by his face. It was so awesome to have a 3D Ultrasound and I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone that is pregnant. It was so neet. I got 75 pictures on a cd and 5 printed out and a dvd of the whole experience. I had to share the cute little guy. I think we're going to name the baby Jackson but we're not 100%

Monday, March 15, 2010

Fun In The Mills House

So I wanted to share the past couple weeks of cuteness going on in our house. The kids have really grown a ton and have gotten very vocal about what they do and do not want. I guess it has to start somewhere right? :-) As you will see below McKinlee has mood swings at 16 months its so cute and so hard to laugh but I know I shouldn't because then she'll think its a good thing. The boys have grown like little weeds. Brightyn is getting ready to start Pre-K. Hayden is getting ready to start preschool. Its so hard to believe that they're old enough to start learning in a classroom. Hayden LOVES going to the baby sitters and spending time with his friends which is crazy because he is my shy little guy. You will see in the below pictures of Hayden (he's in the I don't want my picture taken faze right now so there aren't a ton) but Ryan decided to give him a hair cut....
I was out in the hall painting McKinlee's toe nails just hearing his cut away Hayden's beautiful hair so I decided to go in. It was a hot mess!!!! All different lengths and way choppy. So I took him to the first salon that I could find open and got it "fixed"....YEAH RIGHT!! But it looks better then what it did look like..
I want in the bathroom....
Oh there's a camera....
"Okay you're done. I want back in the bathroom!!"
Kinlee playing with her purse

Hayen's new haircut.....

McKinlee likes being in the center of attention....
Brightyn likes trains Hayden likes cell phones....

She wanted more Chocolate milk her favorite thing ever!