Friday, December 19, 2008

One Month

I can't believe yesterday McKinlee was a month old. Here are a lot of pictures that we've taken over the last 2 days. The ones in her pink shirt was a couple days ago and the stocking one was last night. She is so much fun. She still has her days and nights REALLY mixed up!! But I still love her lol

Cookies Take 2

So we had my family and the missionaries over for cookie decorating. The boys weren't into this time so luckly the only way they got dirty was from eating the cookies. Here are some pictures. It was a lot of fun and the missionaries had a blast. We also have them over for Christmas Eve dinner and I'm really excited.

McKinlee doing what she does best.

Hayden getting ready to climb

Brightyn eating a cookie

Mom and Hayden

Brightyn eating his cookie and showing it off

Brightyn in Uncle Cody's shoes
The boys in their booster seats in the kitchen
Hanging out in their jamies.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

McKinlee's blessing & Family Pictures

The first two pictures of of McKinlee's blessing. Yes we did a HORRIBLE job getting pictures. Why I have no clue. The first is what the bottom of her dress looked like and her shoes. The second picture is of my dad and her and I thought I was spoiled by him..... I will put her back in her itchy blessing dress sometime soon to get pictures of her.
We also took our family picture while we were all dressed up. I was um.... NOT FUN!!! We had three crying kids and then Ryan got pissed off, then I got pissed off. So we only got two good pictures.

Yes he had to have his car that is the only way we could get him to stop crying and Hayden had to have the nunchuck controller from the Wii.
McKinlee in her cute dress from Grandma Mills

Momma and McKinlee

Me and Brightyn

Hayden was having a blast getting his picture taken. Enjoy the randomness of Hayden.

He gets on the ledge of the fireplace and starts to sing then looks at me and wants to jump off but he will only do it with me holding his hand.

This is his way of jumping off the ledge lol.

Cookie Time

Grandma showing Brightyn how to ice cookies.Brightyn decided to eat the icing instead.

Hayden's idea of icing cookies.
Hay hay looks so beautiful with his icing.
Brightyn kept eating the icing off the cookie.

McKinlee slept the whole time.

This was our first cookie experience. It was a lot of fun and we made a TON of cookies.

Wonderful Visit

We just had a wonderful visit from Ryan's mother. The kids absoluetly love her and had so much fun. We had a ton of fun and did a lot of fun things with her. Here are pictures from her trip and of the kids.

Wendy and McKinlee
Hayden in his BYU jersey.
Brightyn holding his baby sister and no he didn't make her cry she was hungry.
Grandma and her babies.

Wendy, Brightyn, and McKinlee
Brightyn being grumpy.
Brightyn being happy.

Hayden wearing his hat.

Brightyn wearing his hat.

Hayden is our little monkey.

McKinlee Jean

Grandma and her babies again

Like Hayden's crazy hair?
Brightyn telling us cheese.

Grandma Mills we miss you!!!