Thursday, May 29, 2008


Well the house that we were going to move into we aren't. To get the house approved for FHA financing there were things the sellers had to fix(the things we wanted to do). We got estimates for the bank (seller) and they wanted up the purchase price $8,000 to do the repairs themselves. Well to up it that much would put the purchase price over what the house was worth through the appraisal. We weren't willing to get a loan for more than the house was worth so we told them no. Well that was the end of that. So we were allowed to extend our lease on our apartment until the 30th of June luckily! We talked to the guy going our loan and he said that if we could find a house in the next few weeks then we would have no problem closing on it before we have to be in there. So we're back to the drawing board on houses. Well today is the day we're going to look at more and if they aren't what we're looking for then we're going to find a new apartment. There is just nothing on the market that is worth what they're asking for it. Plus Ryan and I are just tired at looking at houses and then getting let down. Wish us good luck if not we're going to be raising 3 kids in a 2-3 bd. aparment........SHOOT ME NOW!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Alum Creek Beach 5.24.08

We had such a great day today going to the beach here at a lake that is close to our home with friends from church for a birthday. You could say the boys LOVE the water, being at the beach, and being with other kids. Wanted to share some cute pictures of the boys being themselves.... cute! I hope you all have a great holiday weekend and we will be posting more pictures later after our fun Monday!

This one is obviously at home afterwards

Monday, May 19, 2008

10 Things That Make Me Happy

Thanks Cheryl for tagging me!
10. The thought of getting a house
9. Getting new clothes!
8. Ryan letting me have my night to myself
7. A good movie
6. My girls from church on our Mommies Night Out
5. A clean house
4. Spending time with Family
3. My Sister Emily she's the best!!!
2. My children
1. Ryan

I tag........ Jobi, Brooke Brookes, Keri

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Baby Update 12 weeks

I went to the doctor yesterday here are the stats:
Weight gained since last appointment: -10 lbs. YAY for me!
Blood Pressure= still good
Baby Heart beat: 150 still high!
Next appointment: June 11th

So that is the update on the baby. I am still super sick and have no desire to eat except for chipotle! The dr. said that eating that is good for me even though I didn't think it would be b/c it gives me at least once serving of the food groups a day. I also want fresh fruit and that is about it. I really want to buy a blender so I can have smoothies 24/7.

Update on Ryan. He's starting to get motivated about going back to school which is great! He is starting to like his job a little more but not much. The people that he works with I guess aren't the best. But he likes the pay so that is the plus to it. He said that if he had the girls we worked with before (they were freaking awesome and I miss them so much) at his new job then it would be fine.

House update. We'll let you know when we find out!! I am so ticked when it comes to this!! We have to be out of our apartment by the 30th of this month and still no update on when we close. We were supposed to close on the 15th but they're "supposivly" having problems with the title. So we have until the 30th to close before we have to pay $50 a day until we do close and have to live in a hotel until the house is ready! I am so mad!!!!

Mother's Day & Recent Photos

Mother's Day was good. After church we came home and played some Mario Kart on the Wii so much fun!! After that we went diggin in the truck because we've had a lot of rain lately then off to my mom's house for Mother's Day dinner. My step dad made YUMMY baby back ribs. They were so good and I made my famous potato salad (Thanks to Wendy!) I recieved one of my Mother's Day presents on Friday b/c Ryan was so excited to give it to me and then I recieved my other one on Sunday morning. I recieved my most awesome Coach purse and P.S. I love you. Ryan knows that is my favorite movie since I made him go to see it with me after going with my group of girls from church. So he got it for me. Thanks to Ryan for a GREAT mother's day and I hope all of you had a good day too!
These are some random pictures that we've taken of the boys recently and my purse!
P.S I love YouMy fav. movie!

My purse!!

Brightyn's uncle Cody put the sword there to make it look like he was dead lol but he was really taking a nap.
Hayden eating breakfast today
I love this face!! So weird!
Brightyn wanted his picture taken until he saw the camera.
Little Hay Hay

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Playing Outside

Sorry about the massive overload of pictures here but I love them so much. The boys were having a blast playing outside the other day with daddy when he was home from work. Enjoy!

These Are So Late

So I have been TRYING to get things ready for our move whenever we end up closing. They say possibly the 15th of this month but no later than the 30th. Which is good because we have to be out of our apartment by the 30th of this month. Here are some pictures that I took the boys to get done when we were out in Utah. Yeah they're really late. LOL.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


So here are some random pictures of the boys around the house. I love the pictures of the boys in their lounge chairs. Brightyn loves to climb up in his and watch his toons in the morning.