Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thursday is the day!!!

I finally am going to be completely done with having babies on Thursday. I get induced Thursday at 6 am. I am super super scared because I've never been induced but I'm super super super excited!!!!
Here are some cute pictures of the kiddos.


kmelanese said...

YaY!!! Good luck!! Are you getting your tubes tied? I got mine done after RJ. It does take more out of you so be prepared if you are.

I cannot believe how big your kiddos are getting!!! So cute!

ThE {M}iGLiAcciO's said...

I have not been on your blog in forever!
Your bambinos have gotten so big!
They are adorable!
Good Luck on Thursday!
I can't wait to see #4!

Jobi Niu said...

YOur kids are beautiful! Growin up SO quickly.. I can't believe you're gonna be a Mother of 4!! You're SUPER MOM. That'll be so much fun when they're older. LUCKY to be done after this..
I've been induced with all 3 of mine and I LOVED it! I guess I don't know any other way.. lol.. but.. I totally loved it! GOOD LUCK! Can't wait to see pics. YOu go girl. :]

Jenny and James said...

Good luck Thursday!

Linley and Austin said...