Friday, August 20, 2010

Post 3 Misc.

So the miscellaneous thoughts in my head and pictures go in this post.

We signed Brightyn up for soccer through the city and he starts the beginning of September. I am so excited for him to start. During high school I was around soccer a lot and LOVED it. Now I am glad that my baby is now old enough to start playing sports. We also signed both Brightyn and Hayden up for soccer classes through preschool. So they will be having classes once a week from 9/5- 11/9. WAY EXCITED!!!!

About school. All of the kids are doing really well. I LOVE this new daycare that they're going to. Even for McKinlee that is 20 months she is learning a ton. Within the first week Bright learned to write his name and add. Its crazy how much Hayden is picking up on by being around the other kids (including the attitude!!!!). I am so happy that we've found another good place. I was really worried with Jaxson with being so little but they just love on him.

I've made a lot of peach stuff with the whole bushel that we picked. I've done 11 cans of peaches, 6 cans of jam, and 4 cans of peach pie filling.

One day I woke up to the kids looking like this.......

That was right before school!!! No need to say that we were very late that day to school and work!!

Last weekend we have my Bright family reunion. The kids had fun even though it was freaking HOT as heck out here!!! Then we went over to my mom's to have a cook out with my sister and her husband, and my step brother and his wife and family. Also with my step dad's mom. I absolutely love her. She's to sweet. Then we went back to my dad and his girlfriends hotel and took the kids swimming. They had a lot of fun and of course made friends with the other little kids there. Brightyn and Kinlee like the hot tub more than the pool.

Then this was Sunday before church. They were all in really good moods so we took their pictures since they were so cute.

Jaxson is now almost 3 months and is almost sleeping through the night!! Its WONDERFUL!!!!!
I will post more after Ryan's party on Sunday. With all his goodies!!!
Until then Tiffini Signing off!!!!

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