Sunday, July 26, 2009

He's 3!!!

So time goes by so fast. Its hard to believe that Brightyn was 3 on Friday. It seems just like a few months ago we were celebrating his 1st birthday. Its so hard and great all at the same time to see him growing up. For a 3 year old he is so smart and I am so surprised to see how much he learns on a day to to day basis. On Saturday we had a small birthday party for close friends and family. He had a lot of present for just a small group being there. Brightyn probably didn't enjoy his presents that much this year because I told everyone to get him clothes because that is what he needs. He's growing like a little weed. Brightyn lights us each day with his perfect smile and his wonderful attitude. He also got to have a birthday party with his friends from daycare but I don't have any pictures of that but Hayden and Brightyn were talking about that all night on Friday.

We started the day not so happy

Showing off while being sung to

Say cheese

Blowing out the candle

He's so cute!!!

Opening presents going for the big one first of course

His favorite present

He got some awesome church clothes so he can look like daddy.

Now that he got a new movie from Amanda and Jason he wanted to go watch it

His card from grandma and gramdpa mills. His favorite card!!

More pictures from Brightyn party

I wanted the last post to be all about Brightyn for his birthday but these are some other pictures we took of Hayden and McKinlee at the party.

McKinlee pretending to read

We now know what to get McKinlee for her birthday paper!!!

Chewing of course what else would she be doing? :)

Our happy little girl.

Hayden being slap happy.

Hayden being thrown around like a rag doll and loving it!!

What is hayden getting in two months for his birthday ummm....wrapping paper he's just as bad as Mac.


He asked Ryan what he was talking about.

He wanted to be like Brightyn and blow out the candle we'll work on that before September.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Mills Are Alive!!

So we don't have the internet at our house so I am posting while we are on vacation in Florida. It has been a fun few months since I've posted last. Not much has happened just spent a lot of time playing and watching the kids grow. I am going to post a lot of pictures they're all out of order but hey I got some on here right...... I also added pictures to my myspace and facebook page to see all the awesome pictures of the kids and our trip.

McKinlee on the airplane
Kinlee hanging out at grandma's house

Hayden in the ocean

Brightyn telling us he's done with saying cheese

McKinlee at the beach

Hay hay in the ocean

McKinlee in her minnie ears
Family picture

Hayden playing at downtown disney
Kids with mickey and minnie

Bright and Hay with Mickey

Kinley in her new outfit with nana

Brightyn and Buzz lightyear

Us getting off the airplane Bright on our way to the airport

Hayden on our way to the airport

Kinley in our hotel road

Kinley hanging out