Monday, March 15, 2010

Fun In The Mills House

So I wanted to share the past couple weeks of cuteness going on in our house. The kids have really grown a ton and have gotten very vocal about what they do and do not want. I guess it has to start somewhere right? :-) As you will see below McKinlee has mood swings at 16 months its so cute and so hard to laugh but I know I shouldn't because then she'll think its a good thing. The boys have grown like little weeds. Brightyn is getting ready to start Pre-K. Hayden is getting ready to start preschool. Its so hard to believe that they're old enough to start learning in a classroom. Hayden LOVES going to the baby sitters and spending time with his friends which is crazy because he is my shy little guy. You will see in the below pictures of Hayden (he's in the I don't want my picture taken faze right now so there aren't a ton) but Ryan decided to give him a hair cut....
I was out in the hall painting McKinlee's toe nails just hearing his cut away Hayden's beautiful hair so I decided to go in. It was a hot mess!!!! All different lengths and way choppy. So I took him to the first salon that I could find open and got it "fixed"....YEAH RIGHT!! But it looks better then what it did look like..
I want in the bathroom....
Oh there's a camera....
"Okay you're done. I want back in the bathroom!!"
Kinlee playing with her purse

Hayen's new haircut.....

McKinlee likes being in the center of attention....
Brightyn likes trains Hayden likes cell phones....

She wanted more Chocolate milk her favorite thing ever!

Disney On Ice

So it has been awhile and I have promised and promised my grandma new pictures of the kids. We took the boys to Disney on Ice about 3 weeks ago. They LOVED it!!! It was so much fun. I felt like a little kid and couldn't stop crying because I was so happy to see the excitement written all over their face. If anyone has the chance I would recommend it.

Nemo and Dori
Mickey and Minnie
Beauty and The Beast
Hayden waving hi at Mickey
Excited to Mickey
Mickey just came out
Brightyn loved the cotton candy
His new "cheese" face~ Cute right......LOL

Mickey just came out.....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pray For The Boys!!!

This kid is going to make me go insane!!! We are potty training and he has done VERY well with going pee but WILL NOT I mean WILL NOT poop in the toilet!!!! I will ask him if he needs to go and he will tell me no. Not even 2 minutes later he has gone in his underwear, his bed, our bed, or on the floor!!! I am so tired of cleaning poop underwear I am going to pull out my hair!!!! I am at my whits end with this kid. We pay him when he pees and poops and he gets 2 coins taken away when he goes in his pants. Does it matter...... to him NO!!! So we got him a new toy that he has to make sure he poops in the potty. Does it him NO!!!!!! So I put him in a "baby" diaper. Does it matter.... to him NO!!!!

Hayden is just the opposite he will poop in the toilet but will NOT pee in the toilet! As long as you tell him he's going to get candy or gum he's all for it.

I need them to be potty trained before I have this baby but at this rate I think Brightyn will be in diapers until he has kids himself!