Thursday, January 15, 2009

Time For An Update

Wow!!!! So I figured its time for an update. YA Think!! There has just been a lot going on here. I went back to work, the boys both have RSV and double ear infections. FUN!!! Here are a new pictures enjoy.

This is my cute little Hayden!! Even though he has been the most sick. He still has been such a joy in our house. He is in such a great mood 99% of the time. He is so cute!!!!

Ms. McKinlee in my favorit dress of hers. I'm so glad she FINALLY starts to fit in it. I just need a cute black bow to go with it now.

Brightyn trying on his snow clothes.He wasn't to happy when he found out he wasn't going outside.

Brightyn is being Link from Zelda riding his new horse that my dad just got the boys for no good reason!!! Yah nice surprise to see when I get home from work.


Hayden is now going to sleep at 7 pm. WONDERFUL!!! McKinlee is sleeping through the night!! WONDERFUL!!! And Brightyn has started to say his own prayers. He is so freaking cute when he prays.

New Years Eve!!

So I know I'm really late. But hey better late than never right?!?! So New Years Eve we had some friends Michelle and Rob and their son Jayden over and also my sister Emily and her husband Cody. We had a lot of fun playing the wii fit eating our yummy food!!! Brightyn spent the night with my mom and step dad with his cousin Kyah. They went to Chucky Cheese and they had a lot more fun then we did I think.

Ryan's yummy cranberry orange rolls.

My virgin jello shots and champaign

Me and McKinlee. Who knows what that silly girl is thinking.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Family Christmas Party

I am SOOOO late in getting this posted. This is our family picture of my sisters and brothers and their special people and kids. It was a lot of fun to watch the kids open presents from their Nana and Papa

Wonderful Family Picture

Hayden opening presents showing some skin

McKinlee and her cousin Brett. She didn't like it.

Hayden in his new p.j's

My wonderful sister and her hubby.