Monday, February 16, 2009

My Day Off Work

I love working at a bank because you get silly days off. So today I had a day off and it has been nice. The kids and I dropped off our van to get detailed since they didn't get a chance to do it before we bought it. Then we met Ryan for lunch and we came home and we were riding bikes inside since its to cold outside. Brightyn is now big enough to pedal his tricyle its so cute and so sad at the same time. Here are some pictures of the kids playing and of me dressing up McKinlee in her tutu that Brooke made her before I had her. I love having a girl to play dress up lol. I know a couple of them aren't totally in focus but they were still cute.

They were switching bikes.

Hayden is still a little to small to pedal but tries so hard.

Brightyn of course with no pants on.

Hayden and Brightyn were getting ready to race.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Here is my little model. He thinks everytime you get out the camera its a modeling oppertunity. He loves life. I love the stage he's at right now. I can't believe that this September my little guy will be starting Preschool.


Here is my little trouble maker!!! He is so adorable and so loveable. I LOVE his hair and I will have to get a picture of it with one of McKinlee's bows in it. He looks identical to his cousin Kylie with a bow in his hair. Its FREAKY!!! He loves to get into EVERYTHING and do ANYTHING he's told NOT to do.


I haven't posted obviously in a VERY long time so I had to put new pictures of the kids. I'm going to do them seperately since I have a lot. I hope you enjoy and sorry I'm so bad at updating. By the time I go to work and come home, take care of the kids and the house, make and clean up from dinner


So we go in spurts when it comes to FHE and we need to get better at doing it. On Monday we had our first Family Home Evening for the first time in awhile. We went and got hot fudge sundaes. Came home and ate them while I read a short story on Daniel and the Lions den. Brightyn then wanted to say his prayers. It is so cute. Here are the pictures of our evening.

Brightyn and his yummy treat.

Ryan and his treat
Hayden and his treat
Then since we were messy it was off to a bath for our activity. Well not OUR activity but the boys lol.

McKinlee went in right after.