Friday, August 20, 2010


So far in August we've gone peach picking with the two older boys while my mom watched the two little ones. I really wanted to enjoy the experience with just the big boys so I am so thankful to my mom that watched the little ones. While we were there Hayden constantly had a peach in my mouth and another in his hands. I don't need to tell you how the next few days went lol..... After we peach picked with the ward we all went to Ye Old Mill. Which is were they make Velvet Ice Cream. The boys enjoyed playing with their friends and eating the ice cream.

Then we've had my birthday. And I was really spoiled this year which I LOVED!!!! I really wanted a new digital camera so I could just snap some pictures anytime of the kids without getting out Ryan's high tech camera and yep I got one. I also wanted a new wedding ring because I'm to fat and my other one won't fit... Yep I got one. I also found a pair of puma shoes I really wanted on my way down to Kings Island for a girls weekend. I passed them up on the way down and stopped on the way back and it was closed. So I was really heart broken. They were $90 shoes for $25 couldn't pass it up... Well Ryan drove down 2 hours away and got them for me.

You can see my new ring there. Those are the only pictures from my birthday lol.

We're getting ready to celebrate Ryan's birthday this weekend since next weekend (the weekend before his real birthday) is when I'm getting my tubes tied so I will be down and out for the weekend and no fun to be around.

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