Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Baby Update

So I went to the doctors today for my ultrasound. I am 10 weeks pregnant so I will be due November 26th. Also, from the heart rate which was 176 they believe it will be a.. GIRL..... yeah you read right a GIRL!!! Hopefully! I really want a girl but I'm not getting my hopes up completely. So I have 2 pictures from my ultrasound that I will post as soon as I get them scanned. She was just sucking her thumb! It was cute. I was so glad that my mom could go with me since Ryan was working.

Going Private

I have decided to set our profile on private. I have that same map like Kenzie and there are to many places that I don't know people there that are looking at our blog. If you want to be added to the allowed viewers just let me know otherwise you will not know what is going on with the Mills family.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


So we haven't updated our blog for awhile... But we're still alive but barely!

We have taken some pictures of the boys recently so I thought I would let you all in on the cuties! Brightyn is talking up a storm and loves to tell Hayden to share when Hay hay takes something from him. He also is going to have a modeling audition in the next couple of weeks. John Casablanca's modeling agency called me the other day after they saw a picture I had posted of Brightyn and wanted him to come in for an audition. I'm really excited for him. I highly doubt it would be a money maker but it would be neet to see my little guy in pictures. We will see how this all works out. Ryan and I have talked about having him try out for modeling before and now its just kinda a reality. Hayden is now cutting his two upper teeth but I think they won't be in for awhile since he just started getting the puffy gums. He is almost crawling which will be so nice so he might be able to keep up with his brother like he wants to.

Update on the is projected for us to close worst case senario on May 15th. That will give us 2 weeks to work on the house, get things moved out of our apartment and cleaned, and into our house! I am just so excited to say our house. So hopefully we'll get in a lot sooner then the 15th. We went and bought all our tile for the house because we found such a great deal on it.

On the pregnancy... I go to the doctor on the 30th to have an ultrasound to confirm the date and how far along I am. That will be nice. Morning sickness is a killer!! I have thrown up for the first time in 3 years. It SUCKS BUTT!!!! We're hoping for a girl but I'm not going to get my hopes up. I'll be able to post more about this baby after the 3oth.

Ryan's new job...he doesn't like it except every other friday when he gets his pay check lol. I think once he gets in there to do everything himself he will grow to like it. At least I hope.....

Brightyn playing with his toy...of course he heard me tell Ryan we were going to give it to the goodwill when we move b/c he NEVER played with it.
Telling the wheel to turn, turn, turn!!

Hayden wanted some of Ryan's subway! When Ryan would take it away he would reach for it and pull Ryan's hand back to his mouth. It was so cute.

Oh wait someone is watching me!
He got some lettuce and thought it was yummy
I love this look.

The leftovers on Hayden's face says how much he enjoyed it! You gotta love the little ones :o)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hayden's 1st Tooth

On April 8th Hayden got his two bottom teeth in. Thank goodness!! He was drooling and grumpy. He is loving his biter biscuits and fruit in his mesh bag. I can't believe that my little guy is 7 months. Babies do grow up so fast.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Before pictures of our house :)

Our house!!! 1500 sq. ft. two story house in a small village in Ohio built in 1996 on over a quarter acre. I am so excited to get in and make it ours!!!
Front door
Downstairs 1/2 bath

Kitchen--YAY I finally have a dish bad they left their dishes in it!! So we have to buy a new one..........Can we say YUCK!!!
Living Room
Another view of the living room (dividing wall is coming down)
Entry way where our built in computer desk will be
Entry way from the front door

Dining room
Doors to our 2 1/2 car garage from porch
Door to basement from kitchen


Basement Washer and Dryer area
Landing view
Landing looking down to first floor
1st floor looking to the 1st landing
Second floor looking down second flight of stairs
So we only got pictures up to the second floor stairs because our battery died. I am SOOO excited that the house is completely down to the subflooring so we get everything exactly the way we want it. I will post pictures of the bedrooms and the upstairs bathroom once we get back over there next week. I cant wait to close on May 5th!!! Keep us in your prayers that everything keeps working out alright. Enjoy the pictures :)

Friday, April 4, 2008


We put our offer in on the house we found last night. Today at 11:30 we recieved the news that they have accepted our offer (contengent upon financing and inspections) I am going today and I'm going to take pictures..........YAY!! Good News!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

And It Has Started

Okay with my boys I was sick to my stomach but not this bad. Morning/ all day sickness has kicked in. It is absolutely HORRIBLE and nothing is helping. Anyone that had this really bad I need some advice because this is a new thing for me. Yay pregnancy!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Hayden finally took cereal this morning without spitting all of it back out. Afterwards he was playing with his spoon. He LOVES his spoon.

Hayden trying to share with mommy.
Trying to eat the spoon

Easter 2008

Hayden's first time taking a binki

Brightyn loves to play with the salt shaker!