Friday, February 29, 2008



Sorry in advance. I can't get my blog to let me put things down they all run together like sentence.

Where was I 10 years ago:
I was 12 so in middle School haha. I was cheering and loving chasing the boys.

5 things on my to do list today:
1. Make invitations for my layers party next weekend. I haven't gotten my shipment of this seasons clothes which have my catalogs and invitations and I have a party before they'll be here.
2. Go check about my application for a part time job

3. Look at some houses that we're interested in

4. Get ready for our weekend away

5. Get something for dinner

5 Snacks I enjoy:
1. Pop
2. Oreos
3. Chips-n-Salsa
4. Cucumbers!!
5. Cream horns

5 Places I have lived:
1. Marysville,Ohio
2. American Fork, Utah
3. Orem,UT
4. Delaware,Ohio
5. Johnstown,Ohio

5 places you have been
1. Utah
2. Grand Canyon
3. Florida
4. Tenneessee
5. I've driven through other places but that's about all the places I have "been"
What would I do if I were suddenly made a Billionaire:
Travel. Build a HUGE HUGE HUGE house and then hire a maid. I would pay off my mom's mortgage and car payment Put money in a account for 4 kids (Brightyn, Hayden, and possibly 2 more in the FAR FAR future for missions or marriages)

5 jobs I have had:
1. Food Court at Honda
2. Office Manager for my dad's company
3. Office manager for Kemco in Utah
4. ARBYS!!!! That was so much fun.
5. That's it

5 Things you didn't know about me:
1. I am afraid of talking infront of people
2. I am very insecure about myself
3. I was a hookie in high school lol
4. I love to bake
5. I secretly love to be a rebel

Okay so its now my turn to tag people. I would like to tag.... Lexi, Lori, Jen, Jobi, and Kristin

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Questions From Melissa

Thanks Melissa for asking me questions. I love to answer questions :) Keep them coming people

1. How often do you shave your leg? Like once a week... sick I know

2. If you could choose one one habit to break what would it be? Biting my nails. It is my worst habit and I can't stop it. I've tried for years!

3. What is one calling in the church you wouldn't want to have? I would hate to be the music leader. I don't know how to lead music so I would mess it up.

4. What is one life lesson you learned from your parents you would want to teach your own kids?
Not to get a divorce unless of some situations such as abuse. Everything can be worked out when you put you spouse and the Lord first.

5. What do you think is your best quality? My best quality I think is my caring personality. I try to put others feelings and time before my own. If I see someone hurting or upset I try to help them with their problems.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Brightyn My Little Model

I so want to sign Brightyn up to do modeling. He is in LOVE with the camera. All you have to say is cheese and he starts to pose and smile. SANTA got him this bike for Christmas and this is the first he's played with it but of course he had to make it into a photo oppertunity. He kept saying cheese until I got the camera out. Anyone know of any good modeling agencies? :)

Crazy Days

Just let me state this first that we had such a great weekend just hanging out our little family. We took some really cute pictures and I had to share. The boys and I went to Long John Silvers with my mom and step dad and I got Brightyn that silly hat. The boys just loved to wear it lol. Brightyn really hated it but Hayden didn't seem to mind it and even Ryan put it on to make the boys laugh. I love my boys they are so wonderful!

Friday, February 22, 2008


Okay funny pictures right... Well here is the story behind it. I got back from lunch with my mom and he fell asleep right before we pulled in to our apartment complex. So my mom carried him upstairs and put him in our bed (where he naps) and then leaves. Not even 10 minutes later he's awake crying because he's still tired (he does this like every day). So instead of holding him to get him back to sleep like I do every day I put him in Hayden's swing (hayden is asleep in his car seat) because I have stuff around the house to do while Hayden is sleeping. So I go in the kitchen to clean up the dishes I come back out not even 5 minutes later and he's out cold in the swing. I want to take him upstairs because I dont' want anything to wake him up. He is HORRIBLE if he gets woken up from a nap before he's ready but I know that me moving him will wake him up. That's life I guess :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Bad and Great Day

So today was a very hard but WONDERFUL day. It was hard for the simple fact that we buried my best friend but it was wonderful because I FINALLY had my monthly "friend" for the first time in 2 months. We were very scared that I was pregnant again and we're not ready for another baby right now. I just had to share my wonderful news. 3 babies under 3 would make me go nuts to say the least!!


Thanks Jorg for replying I'm so excited!!
1. How many kids do you guys want? Honestly I"m good with 2. I would love to try again LATER for a girl but that's a long time down the road hopefully.
2. If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world where would you go? Would you be with the boys or just you and Ryan?I would love to go to the beach somewhere even though I don't like to be in the ocean it would be nice to be around it. SO I think a cruise would be perfect. Probaby just with Ryan and I even though I love my boys I'll take them on a cruise later when they would remember it.
3. If you have a girl, what will you name her? Elizabeth Tate
4. When you are texting, why does the word walnart work, but walmart is not an option? I don't know but it frustrates me.
5. What kind of a house would you like to buy? Two story? Town home? Rambler? I really like ramblers with little kids but I would love a HUGE two story house. I want like a 4,000 sq. ft. house. Probably won't happen because Ryan doesn't want a big house but I would love it.

Monday, February 18, 2008


I'm going to be a copy cat from Jorg. I'm not ashamed to steal blog ideas. I'm really bored lately and want something to write about (and some questions to read) and I need your help. So ask me a question or 5 questions related to me and I"ll do my best to answer them! This should so freaking fun! Thanks guys! Please participate:)


Cute Pictures

I love these pictures of the boys that we took over the weekend. Well this first one was Brightyn playing with my Valentine's day flowers. This kid loves to play with water.
What's up ladies :)

I have no clue what this kid was eating. His dad was in charge lol

This is our little Hay Stack! Ryan figured out how to turn the color tone on his camera so he had to have a photo shoot. He is so cute. He is so mellow so when we get him to smile we have to take pictures.....but.....when he sees the camera he stops smiling the little stinker.

Bath Time 2-17-08

Last night we took tons of pictures of the boys in the bath tub. I think I need to be issued a wet suit before entering the bathroom. The boys love to splash. They were in there for about a hour and then Brightyn was ready to get out but Hayden was upset that we took him out. I love bath time its so much fun!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

OH MY GOSH!! Ryan made the best flipping dinner of all time. I always knew he knew how to cook but this blew me away. He made me chicken cordon bleu, homemade salad like from Olive Garden, mashed potatoes, and gravy. It was so amazing. I love him so much and I couldn't picture my life without him in it. Its hard to believe that we've been married over 3 years now and together for 5. Its just crazy. It seems like each year just keeps getting better and better for us. He is such an amazing guy. We decided not to get each other anything for Valentine's day since we're getting ready to buy a house soon and another reason I'll write about later. We got the boys the same outfit so they looked all cute for Ryan when he got home from work. I'll have to get the pictures from my mom. Its was the best day ever!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

R.I.P. Kyle Hopkins Beloved Friend!!!

So on Tuesday night I got the call that my best friend from high school Kyle Hopkins was shot. We were born on the same day, in the same hospital, hours apart. When my mom called me I honestly thought it was a really sick joke. Ever since I moved to Utah and he moved to Alaska for the Coast Gurard we kinda lost contact of each other but we always leave messages on Myspace every once in awhile. Now that he was back in Marysville (where we grew up) we were all (my whole old group of friends) going to get together soon for lunch now we can't!! I just can't believe that he is gone. He was such an awesome guy, so brave, loyal, couragous. Of all people that have been taken I can't believe it was him. He was loved by all who met him and will be truely missed. Last night my whole group of friends got together to make a memory board for his funeral. It was nice to see everyone but not on those terms. I just have to keep in my mind that the Lord has a purpose for everyone even though its hard to see the purpose in taking a young man that I thought would be around forever. This made me wake up and realize you have to cherish the friends around you and not let a day go by without thinking of them and stay in contact with people because you'll never know when you want to see them.... you can't.
Please pray for Kyle's family and all that knew him this is going be a lost we feel forever!!

Newspaper on Kyle's death

This is the newspaper article about his death:
Marysville Police are shown leading Michael Hopkins outside the home of 510 Glen Oaks Court, after medics transported his son from the scene. Accidental shooting kills manFebruary 13, 2008 at 11:43 amBy RYAN HORNSVictim’s father, a Kenton lawman, fired fatal shotThe residents of Glen Oaks Court stood in their windows hoping for the best, after police cruisers crowded their small cul-de-sac responding to a shooting.But those hopes were dashed as a 22-year-old man was killed, the victim of an apparent accidental gunshot fired by his father.According to Marysville Police Assistant Chief Glen Nicol, just after 3 p.m. Tuesday Michael Hopkins shot his son, Kyle S. Hopkins, in the chest with a .308-caliber rifle. It happened inside their home at 510 Glen Oaks Court, located just off Route 38 on the city’s south side.In the neighborhood just after the shooting occurred, several teenage boys and girls stood gathered around an open window on the second floor of a house across the street from the shooting scene. One girl called out, “Do you know what happened? My brother is over there.”Other neighbors stood on their porchs or gathered on the sidewalks asking what happened. Their worst fears were later confirmed. Marysville medics used CPR on Kyle Hopkins and transported him to Memorial Hospital of Union County.Union County Coroner Dr. David Applegate said this morning that the young man had died at his home and attempts to revive him were unsuccessful.On the scene, a young man who appeared to be in his early 20s sat in a the back seat of a police cruiser, watching as the father, Michael Hopkins, was led out of the home by Glenn Nicol and a detective. A look of shock and devastation was apparent on Hopkins face. An older woman walked fast onto the scene, as the young man in the cruiser hopped out and ran to embrace her.“The shooting appears to be accidental at this point,” Nicol said, after Michael Hopkins was driven away. “His friends and family were inside the home at the time.”Nicol said there were not a lot of details available. The rifle was reportedly a high powered weapon, often used by law enforcement for conducting sniper shots. The rifle is also used for hunting large game such as elk.Nicol said Michael Hopkins is an auxiliary officer with the Kenton Police Department, located about 30 miles northwest of Marysville.Officers are still trying to piece together how the weapon went off and why it was loaded, Nicol said.Applegate said that an autopsy is being conducted today, but he does not expect anything other than accidental death as the determination.He also helped shed light on the events that led up to the shooting. He said the rifle had recently been purchased.“His father was showing the weapon to him and was trying to remove the magazine,” Applegate said. “It is unclear as to whether Kyle was coming over to help his father or to change the television channel. But he walked in front of the weapon.”He said that Kyle Hopkins was 10 to 12 feet away from the rifle when it went off, and with such a high powered rifle the bullet did not cause much damage inside his body, in terms of bouncing around and striking organs. Instead, the bullet went in through the chest and exited his back.Applegate said his initial determination is that the bullet clipped a blood vessel and the young man died as a result of blood loss. Law enforcement had no answers as to why the weapon was loaded, when it had been purchased, or where it had been purchased.Nicol said no charges have been filed against Michael Hopkins and the investigation continues.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ryan Ryan Ryan

So Ryan decided about a month ago that he wanted to shave his head! Yeah, I was kinda freaking out but whatever. I love him so much that it doesn't matter. But he actually looks really good!!! So much better than when he had long hair in high school. I just wanted to share a picture of Ryan with NO hair and of my adorable little boys! I love my guys so much. In this picture Ryan's hair has kinda grown out and Brightyn was not wanting his picture taken which is not like him but Hayden just looks so cute. I am so happy to have these guys in my life.

Brightyn is 19 months!!!

Brightyn LOVES the camera so its so easy to take pictures of him. Ryan got it out the other day to take some pictures of some flies he made and Brightyn instantly goes,"Cheese." I can't believe he's almost to his terrible 2s. Pretty Crazy!! Thought we would share the funny pictures. Don't you just love the one of him on the potty. He looks like he's thinking so hard.

Our 5 Month Old

I can't believe that Hayden is already 5 months old. It seems just like yesterday that I was in the hospital with a horrible doctor :) I just wanted to share some of the cute pictures Ryan took of him the other day. He doesn't like the camera. He will be smiling and laughing and as soon as he sees the camera he will stop. Pretty sad :(