Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our House Before

So here are A LOT of pictures of our house before we did any work to it. Since we still haven't closed and aren't scheduled to close now until this coming Tuesday at 7:30 we put all the paint that we bought in our closet at our apartment and haven't done anything except for clean the walls, have the carpets steam cleaned, and painted the ceilings (you'll see why after seeing the picture of the ceiling). I of course forgot to take a picture of the front of the house lol DORK ME!!!! But I did get 2 pictures of the back. I also didn't get a picture of Ryan's 2 1/2 car attached garage from the inside.

Back of the house
The door on the left goes into Ryan's garage. That whole left section is the garage.

This is the ceilings!!! The yellow is from the people smoking and we put white kiltz over top of it since we couldn't wipe that down with it being a textured wall. See how NASTY that was!! SICK!!! The walls were the same way but we used bleach and moped them up.

Ryan in our hall way going up to the bathroom and bedrooms trying to be a hard a.

Downstairs living room Door on the far left goes to the laundry room the door on the right of the stairs goes to our crawl space.
Downstairs living room looking from den
Family room looking into dining area
Family room (going to be our formal living room)
Our bedroom looking from hallway
Master bedroom
Den (This is going to be Ryan's fly tieing room)
Den (sorry I forgot to turn the picture)
Bathroom (Not a very clear picture)
Boys room looking towards hall
Boys room looking from Hallway
Mckinlee's room
other side of Mckinlee's room
Backyard. I was in the far back of the yard taking a picture to the other side.
Backyard looking from the house.
Backyard looking from the house. That is the boys playset that they LOVE!!!!
Brightyn picking grapes off our grapevine.

Cute picture of Brightyn picking grapes

See our grapes!! They are so freaking good. I am so excited to have grapevine to make my own grape jelly. They are to freaking die for too. I ate one the other day and it tasted like Welchs grape jelly. So everytime we go over to the house he yells for grapes. He also likes to feed them to the dogs that are chained up next door.

Happy 26th Birthday Ryan!!!

Today was my wonderful hubby Ryan's 26th birthday. He didn't want to celebrate but I made it happen no matter if he liked it or not. He also didn't want any pictures taken so this is all I got. Ryan has made out big time with this birthday. He picked out to have these really good hotdogs, corn on the cob, rolls like his mom makes, cheesy potatoes (that I forgot about :( ), and cobbler for his cake.

Opening his giftcard from my mom and Tony.
Looking at his dutch oven cookbooks from my mom and tony (His favorite present I think!)
He found a great recipe
Ryan and his cake (We did a dutch oven cobbler instead of a big cake because that is what he wanted)
Blowing out his candle. It isn't a birthday without blowing out candles.
He was laughing at us singing but the funny part is he's the one that looks like the dork.
Me and Hayden. Brightyn played in the other room the entire time playing with his cars.
Not pictured here he got a giftcard from his mom & dad & grandma which he spent on a dremil tool and I got him a shot vac, 2 shirts from Old Navy, and 2 Sword of Truth Books (a series he reads). My sister & her husband got Ryan a Coleman lantern for camping.

He had a great birthday and got a lot more than he expected since we were supposed to be moving this weekend.
Ryan I want you to know how proud I am of you and how much I am thankful you are my husband. I love you so much and appreciate what you do for me and the boys. You are such a great dad and husband. I am so thankful that you are worthy to hold the priesthood and recieve revelation for our family. You are the most amazing guy in the world!!! I know we've had a very bumpy almost 4 years but I honestly wouldn't trade them for the world. You mean the world to me and I love you so much and I am so excited to spend eternity with you.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Brightyn & Hayden

So Brightyn is my little genius!! My mom came to my work today to help me load some boxes into the truck and of course since she's watching the boys she had the boys. Brighty saw me and wanted to come with his mommy (he's having a hard time with me not being home all day :( ). So I took Brightyn in the truck with me and he out of no where he started counting to 8 all by himself. Its so cute!!! He was counting to 8 over and over again. He just blows me away!!!

Hayden today learned to go down the stairs all by himself. He fell down the stairs face first the first time and then learned hey I can't do down like a polar bear. Then he thought it through and started to back up. So now he goes down the right way and mastered it like a pro in 10 minutes!!!!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Brightyn & his tutu

Okay these are probably going to be the funniest pictures of Brightyn that you'll ever see!!! One of my bestest Brooke makes tutu's for little girls. Well she sent me two of the cutest ones I've ever seen along with a few other things for Mckenlee. I unwrapped the tutu's and Brightyn had to see them! He wrapped it around him so I tied it. He then proceded to run around the apartment jumping around then asking for my eyes (what he calls my sunglasses when he sees them). So I was laughing so hard I had to get these GREAT blackmail pictures. Hope you enjoy and you pee your pants. :)

Don't you just think he's so fetching cute!!!

Family Update

We've been super busy around the mills house so I figured I would give an update.

Well I went to my doctors appointment this week and I've already updated on that. I just got released from my calling as the Nursery Leader. YAY!! But can I tell you how BORING it was to sit through relief society after being away for 2 years?!?! Crazy I know. I just started a new job as the Assistant coach for the cheerleading squad at Marysville (the school I graduated from and cheered at). Also, next week I start my job at Kohls. I am waitin for my employment history to be completely checked out for Huntington Bank.

Ryan is still working at Alliance Data. He's still an awesome dad especially with taking care of the boys so much with me being gone at night lately and working at a job that he doesn't really like. Ryan is still the first counsilor in the young mens presidency.

Brightyn is growing like a weed and learning so much!! He has a new obsession with coloring. He has to be coloring all the time. He talks so much and forms completely sentences. He knows a lot of his shapes. He really doesn't get colors yet but we're working on it. He is starting to get along with Hayden but its a little hard when he does play with him Hayden starts to beat him up. He's still the little skinny kid and hates to eat. He loves to spend time with his Nana while I go to work and Ryan comes home.

Hayden is so freaking big!!! I can't believe that in a few weeks he turns 1! Where did this year go???? He is starting to walk which will be a plus for me since it hurts my stomach now to carry him. He would rather crawl because he can still get their quicker but he's slowly making progress. I say by his first birthday he'll be walking all the time. He sometimes can be a very independant kid but he likes to be held majority of the time and the center of attention. He now had 8 teeth and cutting more. I can't wait until the teeth cutting is GONE and he when he sleeps through the night.

We are supposed to close on our wonderful house next friday (29th)! We're so excited but I'm so stressed about so much being done last minute. I'm just crossing my fingers that everything goes to plan. The bank(the seller) is really dragging their feet on their end.

I think that is all the update for the Mills family. Hopefully I'll have some more news about our house in no time.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

26 Weeks Check Up

Baby was perfectly fine.
Her heartbeat is still a steady 160 bpm.
My blood pressure was perfect and I gained a pound which now puts me at my pre-pregnancy weight :( BOOOO. But I knew it would happen I mean you can't have a baby without gaining some kind of weight.

I had my gluclose test so I should get the results from that sometime soon.
My next appointment is in two weeks :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

25 Weeks

I just realized that I am now 25 weeks pregnant and NEVER taken a picture of my belly. I feel so much smaller this time around then I was with either of the boys. Except for now I am starting to feel huge.

I go for my check up on Thursday. Hopefully they'll tell me that all the contractions are nothing and nothing to be worried about. I'm just tired of throwing up and feeling like I'm going to have her to soon.

Mckenlee Makes Out!!

I had fun shopping online the other day for myself and also for Mckenlee since I have NOTHING for this little one.
I had to share some pictures of the things I got for our little angel. It was so much fun shopping for a little girl but I noticed I'm even more picky with girl things than I am with boy clothes.

All Mcklenlee's clothes

My two favorite outfits
The one on the right is a ohio state outfit my daddy got her. Which was her first outfit anyone got her including myself.
Her first pair of jeans and some half sweaters.

I had fun shopping online the other day for myself and also for Mckenlee since I have NOTHING for this little one.

I had to share some pictures of the things I got for our little angel. It was so much fun shopping for a little girl but I noticed I'm even more picky with girl things than I am with boy clothes

Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday.....

TO ME!!!!
Well it was actually on the 9th but I am just now getting around to blogging about it.
Saturday morning Ryan and I took the boys over to my mom's house and then went kayaking for a hour or so.

Then we picked up the boys, came home and got ready for my birthday lunch. We invited family to my favorite restaurant Bd's Montgolian BBQ. After lunch we came home to get a few things and then headed up to my dad's to watch him play a few softball games. It was a lot of fun.
I got a lot of great stuff which I really enjoyed.