Monday, March 9, 2009

So We Have Another Annoucement.....

So we have another annoucement.... there is another addition to the Mills family.......

I know what you're all probably thinking. Already another baby.... Well...... NO!

We bought a dog. HA HA HA Got you there!!! She is a red bone hound/ dobermin pincher mix. She named her Ginger after the late Ginger hound that Ryan's parents had. She looks like Ginger and acts like Ginger but a little bit more mellow. After I got home from work on Saturday we went to see her and had no attention of actually getting her right then. We saw her had the boys play with her and we fell in love. She's so much fun and its nice to see the boys have so much fun with her.

Hayden likes to feed her

Both of the boys like to ride her and she doesn't mind.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Today was my half day at work since I work this Saturday so I had some fun dressing up McKinlee. I got a package from Andrea yesterday with these really cute headbands and hat with a TON of really cute flower clips for McKinlee. So I had to put them on her of course and take pictures. I can't believe that she's already almost 4 months old. She's so much fun and I am enjoying every day with my little McKinlee.

70's Party

So on Friday night Ry and I finally got out AGAIN!!! We've found these girls from church that love our kids and are willing to watch them whenever its great!!! So on Friday we had a birthday party to attend and it was a 70's theme. It was so much fun going to the thrift store with Ryan to find our clothes and then dressing up. I actually LOVE my outfit and wore it to work on Monday.
This is the group of girls. These are my church ladies lol. I love these women.