Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hayden's 1st Birthday!!!

So Hayden I want you to know how much mommy and daddy love you!! Everyone here are the pictures from his party. So Ryan took down the decoration from his Luau before we could take pictures. He had a lot of fun and had a lot of people attend.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

31 Weeks

Can you believe that I am already 31 weeks?!?! CRAZY!! It just seems like yesterday that I found out that I was once again going to be pregnant and now its almost over THANK GOODNESS!!!!
Weight gain since last appointment: 0 pounds
Total weight gain this pregnancy: 1 pound
McKinlee's heart rate: 160 bpm
My blood pressure: Normal ( I can't remember)

My blood count was down when I went to get my blood work done over a month ago so they want me to take iron tablets to get that count back up before I have her. I've been having a TON of charle horses in my stomach and legs the past couple of weeks and she said its because I'm not drinking enough water which I already knew that I wasn't. Also, I have a lot of pain in the girl area and she told me that it was my pubic bone seperating so she wants me to get a support belt to help take off some of the pressure since I'm on my feet for 8 hours at work. So we'll see if that happens lol. I've been having some contractions but not anything regular to worry about. I'll have to take some new pictures of my belly she sure is growin in there so I have def. popped. Today when the doctor was measuring me McKinlee stuck her butt out at the doctor and the doctor grabbed her butt and was moving her around. Talk about a weird feeling!!! But things are going great only a few more weeks and I am SOOOOOO not prepared!!! We did find her bedding and stuff that we want so its just a matter of coming up with the funds to buy it :)

I have taken some really cute pictures of the boys since we've moved into our house so I'll post them this weekend after Hayden's party on Saturday along with his 1st birthday pictures. I am so excited for his Luau!!! Its going to be a blast.

Power Outage

So most of you don't know about our power outage that we had last week. We had the left over hurricane from Hurriance Ike and lost our electricity for a week!!! It sucked and def. showed me how unprepared we are for what could come and we're told to be prepared for. Luckily my dad got power back earlier that week and he let us borrow his generator so we could hook up our fridge so my groceries that I bought the day before didn't spoil. It was VERY expensive to run but it helped us out. Because of it we were able to run the t.v., fridge, and a few lights here and there and also my blow dryer and straightener when I needed to do my hair for work in the morning. Learn from our bad example and follow the Prophet!!! We need to be prepared and I always thought "It will never happen to me I have tomorrow to worry about it." But you really don't! Be prepared you never know what is going to happen.
This is our yummy fetticuine alfredo that we cooked on Ryan's back packing stove. This is what we did for dinner every night. Well not the alfredo but using the stove.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

House Updates

Backyard porch
Ryan's garage

Living Room
Our fireplace
Welcome Wall with family pictures as soon as you walk in the door
Living room looking towards front door
Our Room

Family Room
Hayden/McKinlee's Room
Hayden/ McKinlee's Room
Brightyn's Room

Looking to the family room
Looking upstairs to the bedrooms

So yes we are alive and sorry I haven't updated. We finally moved into our house from our apartment on hayden't birthday which is why I havent made a birthday post for him so far. We are having our big party this Saturday so more pictures to come. But as you can see we have been very busy cleaning up our house and making it our own. We still have a ton to do but its a work in progress.
There is a ton more to update on so I will update soon but I am tired and I have to wake up early tomorrow morning for work so I am going to bed for now.