Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend Fun

We had such a WONDERFUL weekend. Friday night we took the kids and met up with my mom and tony and a few friends of ours at the Marysville fair. It was the night of the tractor pulls and the kids liked it for about 15 minutes. So my sister, mom, and I took Brightyn and Hayden to ride some rides. We didn't have the camera so I don't have a ton from once Ryan came over with us.

On Saturday I had to work in the morning but then came home cleaned a little bit and took the kids boating with my dad and his friend Debbie, my sister and her husband. Hayden LOVED the water and tubing but Brightyn only liked to drive the boat with Papa. Mac HATED her life jacket so when we stopped I would take it off of her but the boat put her to sleep until we stopped. Ryan, Cody, and Hayden went tubing.

On Sunday we went to church then came home and chilled all day until we had the missionaries over. Then we ate with them and played some cornhole and had funnel cakes for dessert. It was a long weekend and it was great. And of course the only pictures I get of Hayden are him being mean b/c he was sleeping during the Bright and Mac shoot.

This is why I don't have time to do anything else. I am a constant referee.

We're gearing up to take the kids camping this coming weekend for my birthday. Its hard to believe that I'll be 24!!! CRAZY!!! I remember just turning 16. NUTS!!!